Option 22 offer workshops that can be tailored to students of all ages and adults as well.

There are three basic sets of content to choose from:


1.)  "Music Connects Us All," a World Instrument Demo and Hands-On Instruction
Option 22 will perform several pieces of music featuring instruments from around the world such as the didgeridoo (Australian), shamisen (Japanese), and a variety of hand drums (African, Middle-Eastern). They will tell the students a bit about each instrument and allow the participants to play. As time permits, they will call volunteers to the stage for a variety of exercises. In this workshop, the instrument demo is used to begin a conversation about how music connects us all, and opens the door to multi-cultural understanding. 




2.)  The "Create Your State" Tour

This program is a multi-media presentation featuring the music of Option 22, visual projections and a compelling exchange about how the arts and creativity can transform a community into a dynamic place to live, and how this can positively impact the local economy. Option 22's artist, arts entrepreneur and community organizer Lori McKinney will tell the story of their arts community, The RiffRaff Arts Collective's revitalization of their neighborhood in downtown Princeton, WV and her creative cohorts will join her on stage to perform the inspiring and uplifting music of Option 22, encouraging participants to follow their dream and transform their environment.


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 3.)  "Un-locking the Flow," Discovering Your Creativity Through Improvisational Music and Drumming.
This workshop is all about opening the door to a free flowing experience of music. In a circle, Option 22 will use repetitive music patterns and guide participants to discover and explore a melody of their own creation. They will explore rhythm and poetry in a relaxed and liberating way. This exercise can be life changing.